Many Celebrities Found Success with a Change of Name

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Which English Novelist was originally called Charles Lutwidge Dodgson?
Which American Actor was originally called Winona Laura Horowitz?
Which American Singer Songwriter was originally called Bek David Campbell?
Which Welsh Singer was originally called David Spencer?
Which American Actress was originally called Harriette Lake?
Which American Composer was originally called Louis Bernstein?
Which Polish Israeli Israeli Politician was originally called Yizhak Jazernicki?
Which American Folk Singer was originally called Robert Allen Zimmerman?
Which American Rapper was originally called Melissa Elliot?
Which Brazilian Footballer was originally called Edson Arantes do Nascimento?
What was the original name of Vladimir Ilich Lenin the Russian Revolutionary?
What was the original name of Big Punisher the American Rapper?
What was the original name of Peggy Lee the American Singer?
What was the original name of Tommy Lee the Greek American Heavy Metal Drummer?
What was the original name of Bo Derek the American Actress?
What was the original name of Tim Allen the American Comedian?
What was the original name of Johnny Paycheck the American Musician?
What was the original name of Boris Karloff the American Actor?
What was the original name of Ray Stevens the American Pop Singer and Comedian?
What was the original name of Charles Atlas the Italian American Bodybuilder?

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