Many Celebrities Found Success with a Change of Name

Play our quiz to see how many you know...

Which Australian Country Singer was originally called David Gordon Kirkpatrick?
Which Mexican American Musician was originally called Baldemar Garza Huerta?
Which American Jazz Trumpeter was originally called John Birks Gillespie?
Which American Notorious Footballer and Broadcaster was originally called Orienthal James Simpson?
Which English Actor was originally called Reginald Cary Harrison?
Which American Director was originally called Lester Anthony Minnelli?
Which English Novelist was originally called Charles Lutwidge Dodgson?
Which Chilean Reality TV Star was originally called Nicole Elizabeth Polizzi?
Which American Actor was originally called Bernard Schwartz?
Which English Singer Songwriter was originally called Graham McPherson?
What was the original name of Jewel the American Singer Songwriter?
What was the original name of John Wayne the American Actor?
What was the original name of Warren Beatty the American Actor?
What was the original name of Billie Holiday the American Actor?
What was the original name of John Wayne the American Actor?
What was the original name of Diana Dors the English Movie Star?
What was the original name of Axl Rose the American Rock Singer?
What was the original name of Cheryl Cole the English Singer?
What was the original name of Alfonso De Portago the Spanish Racing Driver?
What was the original name of Leonard Bernstein the American Composer?

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