Many Celebrities Found Success with a Change of Name

Play our quiz to see how many you know...

Which American Comedian was originally called Dianne Desiree Belmont?
Which American Composer was originally called Enrico Mancini?
Which American Politician was originally called Spiro Theodore Anagnostopoulos?
Which English Singer was originally called Melanie Brown?
Which British Comedian and Singer was originally called David Edward Sutch?
Which American Comedian was originally called Elizabeth Stamatina Fey?
Which British Rock Singer was originally called Farrokh Bulsara?
Which American Comedian and Director was originally called Donald James Yarmy?
Which American Activist was originally called Carry Amelia Moore?
Which American Rock n Roll Singer was originally called Richard Steve Valnezuela?
What was the original name of Duncan Renaldo the Romanian Actor ?
What was the original name of Kate Capshaw the American Actress?
What was the original name of Tina Arena the Australian Singer Songwriter?
What was the original name of Maria Callas the French Soprano?
What was the original name of George Burns the American Comic?
What was the original name of Rita Hayworth the American Actress?
What was the original name of Aaliyah the American Model and Singer?
What was the original name of Jet Harris the English Guitarist?
What was the original name of Brad Pitt the American Actor?
What was the original name of David Carradine the American Actor and Martial Artist?

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